Saturday, July 27, 2013



I think with my heart.  I feel with passion.  Only to become motivated spiritually giving birth to my true inspirations.  My mind, body and soul become stimulated as I experience the joys of life through this journey.  My inspirations have come to me in many forms through the faces of my friends.  Through the love of my family I connect with many images that inspire me daily.  From a brisk touch exchanged between myself and my beautiful children to footprints left in my heart.   

I am touched by others who can find their way in the world and rise above all.  It’s just not a touch, or a word or even a face but the many challenges and less fortunate times I face and overcome which gives me a good sense of who I am.  It’s on a Monday night when I’m sitting in front of the television watching my most empowering talk show host Oprah Winfrey and I have an “aha! Moment” and I’m again stimulated with inspiration. 

Inspiration leads me and it finds me.  When I read a beautiful post of endearment I can smile.  When I open a box wrapped with such presence to find a gift from the heart.  Looking at past and present photos of me, friends and family or even a photo of someone I don’t know or never met.  Inspiration can happen to us anywhere, anytime with anyone.  It’s what we do with it that counts.

As inspiration captures me I find my motivation in this universe to seek and reflect full purpose of my life.   My mind is full of images.  My mind cultivates with ideas and stories as I experience these growths.  These very same ideas and stories become creative thoughts.  I feed these creative thoughts in the form of writing for example, my journal writings and this very Blog.  When I write creativity takes the form of a playground and I just have fun with it.  How I write is reflected by what I am most inspired with and that is joy, happiness, peace and harmony – Living Life to the Fullest. 

In Soul Essence,