Soul Essence

Soul Essence is a transformation & health blog.  A place of personal discovery and self-

awareness.  Here is where you can inspire to grow, encourage to change and enlighten to lift your spirits.  

Soul Essence was created with the vision to support the growth of women into the true essence of self.

 This is a place you will raise to higher vibrations to heal your souls and transform to be authentic.

This is a place of Laughter...... a place of positive energy..... a place to embrace Authencity.... a place of Freedom.... a place to release your stress.......  a place to Share.... connect.... and Bond. 

About The Creator of This Blog
Sherry is a women of inspiration, motivation and full of encouragement.  Her love and passion is with helping others.  She encourages women to keep the door open to all possibilities for change.  Her dreams and aspirations is to write and publish a self-help book for women. 

She believes that balance is the key for being centered.  Being centered keeps us aligned with our heart bringing full scope to our intuitive ability which leads us to life's fulfillment.

Contact Sherry today for a free introductory Guided Imagery Session at yourjourneycalls.trufaces@gmail.com  or call 443-330-2283.

Enjoy the Weekly Tips and Challenges.

Have Fun and enjoy the Journey!

In Soul Essence

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