Wednesday, May 9, 2012

News Release

News Release

May 09, 2012

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Sherry Braswell

Certified Hypnotherapist


Tru Faces Empowering Women Changing Names

To reflect the true nature of services that are being offered all the way around Tru Faces Empowering Women will be changing names.   As of  June 1, 2012 Tru Faces Empowering Women will change names to RevealingFACES with Sherry.  Tru Faces  currently offers services such as Tele coaching and guided coaching through phone & email support.   Monthly tele-workshops to help you go within to explore, reflect & express yourself.  Moving forward in addition to the current services we will be adding Guided Imagery as a service and stress management services. Adding this service will help clients to move forward in their journey healing and improving life naturally. 

For those of you that are already taking this journey with us please continue to do so taking advantage of the guided imagery services.  We look forward to the many new clients from this added service and welcome you to  Balance, Inner Peace, Spiritual Growth, Individuality & Authenticity.

Please visit our sites listed for more informaiton and to contact Sherry.


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