Friday, April 20, 2012

"It Does The Body Good"

Today I felt like doing something different than what I normally do for lunch.  I took a ride with a coworker during my lunch hour and came upon a trail.  So we decided to walk this trail which stretched about 20 miles to the state line starting in Hunt Valley MD.

The scenery was beautiful and the atmosphere was nurturing.  The sight of being surrounded by all of this nature began to calm me.  It was like I was somewhere in the wilderness far away.  To think I was just around the corner from my job not too far from my home.  I kept thinking in my mind "Why haven't I come sooner" knowing this trail was here.  Much different from other trails I have walked. 

We all too often take what is natural and free for granted.  This afternoon I experienced the joys of peaceful sounds of chirping birds & singing grasshoppers, the scent of nature's plants, the touch of a beautiful butterfly landing on my shoulder and a view that was tranquility to my eyes.

Indeed this was Relaxing!  Being relaxed does a lot for our minds as well as our body.  Being able to relax reduces stress and we know how bad stress is for you.  Relaxing closes the door to mind turbulence allowing you to enter into a realm of higher intuition.  You are more readily to connect with yourself. 

How do you get relaxed?  Can you tell me what type of atmoshpere you need to be in to get relaxed? 

A great atmosphere would include nurturing sounds, smells, touches and sights.  This is a way to rejuvenate and bring nourishment to your soul.
The next time you want to do something great for YOU take a nice nature walk.  It does the mind and body good!


  1. I absolutely agree! Nature is very healing!

    1. Yes Kristine this will be my weekend morning eye opener.

  2. Some of the coolest places I have found, I came across while being "lost" and ended up finding something very unexpected and beautiful.