Thursday, April 19, 2012


             Hello bloggers, tweeters, facebookers, stumblers and all that have visited.  Welcome and thank you for stopping by.  I give a special shout out to those who took time to join as members to follow this blog. 

     I am excited about what this blog has to offer to you and me both.  This is a new blog and will see some great stuff being added, changed and possibly deleted but this is good and all for the benefit of bringing you healing and transformation. 

    As I work towards creating this please increase the volume of your voices with feedback, comment on posts and make as many suggestions as you can think of.  Just as we enter a journey of transformation I pray the pages I create will take on a beautiful soulful transformation of it's own making this a place where you can find Love, Freedom, Vitality, Meaning & Purpose in your YOU.

   Please continue to stop by every once in awhile or everyday if you like and get the quote of the day, stress tips or soon to come positive affirmations.  Also, spread the love and share my blog with your friends and people you are connected with in the social networking world by clicking the share button.

   Remember we are here to have a enlighten experience so let's feed ourselves and each other.

In Soul Essence,


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