Sunday, April 15, 2012

Creative Writing - True Reflections

Leaning propped against a hard exterior.  Placed to the side tightly tucked in a plastic pocket supported by cardboard.

I should be displayed reflecting my true gifts and beauty.  I wonder why as I look up to see the two displayed above me.  I bring smiles to others, focus, clear thought and clarity.  My gifts are needed and should replace the two above.

What true gifts do they reflect?  Black and white........symbolizing a rose.....what is the meaning? the purpose?  They appear to be the same only different in size. 

Hey you over there just dust me off.  My true beauty will shine.  My words will stand out brighter than before.  All I need is a frame to hold me together and I too will hang well. 

I bring meaning to your life........symbolize what your looking to achieve.......I provide a map for the direction of your DREAMS.

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